This cottage was purchase by the owner as a ruin.  There were only parts of 3 of the walls still present.

The project was to rebuild the cottage into a holiday home complete with bothy.  The stone walls were re-built, a roof was created with prefabricated roof trusses and timber frame erected within the building. All new windows and doors were supplied and fitted.  External cladding was fixed to the bothy and sections of the building.

The property has now been handed over to the client to continue to complete works as their own project.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Ally and his team of expert joiners. This was a tricky renovation - weaving a customised timber frame into a derelict stone building. Ally was involved from the outset, working closely with the architect, proposing modifications to improve the construction and save costs. Only so much can be achieved on paper though - old walls are rarely square and plumb - yet his team seemed to relished the on-site challenges and overcame problems with a smile. Ally’s joiners have crafted the timber clad extension and bothy with great skill, replicating the architect’s vision and build quality to perfection. Furthermore, Ally has been happy to work to my timescales, working with other contractors as required and stepping aside whilst I progress aspects of the fit-out. This flexibility has been hugely valuable to me."

— D Gardner