What we are most proud of at Campbell Construction Crieff Ltd, is giving you the highest standards across our work and the customer service we provide. Our start to finish style of service means we work with you throughout a project, getting your input, keeping you updated and ensuring a smooth build. We are here if you need any guidance regarding space optimisation, local planning permissions or what design fits best with your property.

With our range of options for design, features and materials, our services let you add an extension to your home that suits your taste and fulfils your needs.

Whether it’s extra living space, more room for storage or a new home office or dining area, an extension can meet a range of needs and make your property work harder for you. An extension helps you build a complete home to match your lifestyle.

What is an extension? 

A property extension is a means of expanding your existing house with a new room or area. They can be used to extend bungalows, create more space for specific rooms (such as a kitchen or bathroom), or add additional floors. 

It’s possible to build an extension on any type of property, however, the types of renovations we can carry out are dependent on permissions and space. For example, a terraced house extension would need to be added to the rear walls of the original property, whereas a detached house would allow for more options. 

The types of extension you can build onto the original house varies depending on the property owner’s budget and project costs, requirements, and the site that will be used. The costs and requirements for a bungalow extension will differ from an extension for a multi-storey house.

Sunrooms. Single storey rear extensions with solid roofing and are excellent at holding heat.

Garages. Another single-storey extension, typically on the front or the side of a property, which are great for keeping vehicles or used for extra storage room.

Multi-storey extensions. An addition to your home with multiple floors, more complicated to construct but great for adding extra multi-use rooms to the property.

Porches. A small single-storey extension that typically doesn’t need any planning permissions.

What to consider

Before starting any house extensions, there are some things to consider before starting with any building work.

A major hurdle is planning permissions and building regulations. If your proposed extension does not meet several requirements in terms of the size and scope of the project, and how it will be attached to the original house, then it will likely require planning permissions from local authorities. You should factor any potential application fees into the total cost of your extension. 

To ensure a smooth project and perfect build, we have all trades within the business and comply with all the necessary regulations and specifications. We ensure that we regularly check every aspect of the build throughout the project, including:

  • fire safety
  • structural integrity
  • energy efficiency
  • damp-proofing
  • ventilation
  • any other elements to ensure a building is safe.

Listed buildings are another exception to the typical regulations, as consent is required before any permitted development. This is because altering a listed building without consent is a criminal offence. Similarly, properties in conservation areas, such as those in a national park, likely need permission for any significant building works.

Finally, you'll need to consider your neighbours. The Party Wall Act becomes relevant when planned work shares walls with neighbouring properties or an adjacent boundary. This Act is to prevent and resolve any disputes you and your neighbours may have.

Before you go ahead with any extensions, you may need to inform neighbours of your intentions and how the work will be carried out, giving sufficient building notice. Any disagreements will need to be assessed by a party wall surveyor who may set parameters for work that is allowed to be completed.

If you are unsure about any of the requirements needed before moving forward with a project, get in touch, as we can help guide you through the process.

Why get an extension?

Extensions are a great addition to your property for many reasons. 

More room is always a significant home improvement. You could need more bedrooms for a growing family, more storage space, or to optimise your existing house’s space, i.e. a kitchen extension. 

Extensions can also be a means of meeting your specific needs without moving properties. With estate agent fees, stamp duty and additional costs, as well as the hassle of moving home, extensions can save you money in the long run.

Additional space and added rooms will always increase your property’s appeal to prospective buyers. The value that an extension adds to your property usually surpasses the house extension cost itself. This is especially the case for properties where there isn’t an abundance of space, for example, in a major city. A small extension can add real value. 

What we offer

At Campbell Construction Crieff Ltd, we are proud to provide the highest standards across our work and the customer service we offer. With support, project management services, and our practical skills, we work tailored to you and your project. 

Our start to finish style of service means we work with you throughout a project, getting your input, keeping you updated and ensuring a smooth build. If you need any guidance regarding space optimisation, local planning permissions, or what design fits best with your property, we are here. 

For the initial build, we offer on-site manufacturing of kits or can provide comparison quotes from other businesses. Working with Rob Roy and Scotframe allows us to provide the options for pre-manufactured timber kits, which come ready-made and ready insulated.

Working alongside you during the entire extension project means we can offer you more personalisation and choice in its design. To make sure we give you an extension you’ll love, we have a range of options for almost every aspect of the build, both inside and out.

Extension interior options

Flooring can be provided from a range of laminate and solid options. Wet and dry underfloor heating systems are an additional choice to provide something a little bit extra.

Plasterboard lined in timber or painted plaster finish are two options for the project’s walls. We can leave the decoration to you or get our team in to give the space a professional paint job. 

For the extension’s electrical system, you can opt for higher-spec fitments or smart home technologies, while for heating we can install systems that use:

  • Gas
  • Oil 
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Electric 
  • Ground or air source


Door and window fittings can be provided as bespoke timber designs or as standard UPVC from Allan Brother or Viking. Whether you need a new set of sliding doors for a conservatory or a new doorway for an open-plan side extension, we can meet any requirements.

Style, material and colour can be adapted to suit your needs and taste for the walls, floor countertops. Any internal finished can be constructed from:

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

While any worktops can be made using:

  • Timber
  • Tile
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Laminate


Staircases, if needed for a multi-storey extension, can be manufactured and installed by our team. Standard staircases or spiral staircases with decorative balustrades can guarantee every floor and every inch of your extension fulfils your brief, needs and styles.

Extension exterior options

Options for the extension’s roofing can also be discussed in the design phase. Some of the basic choices we can offer are:

  • Flat roofing systems
  • Metal profile sheeting
  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Tiles
  • Slates

If you have any other ideas then let us know, we always do our best to meet every requirement on a project no matter how small.

Landscaping services can finish a project to make sure the extension looks its best inside and out. You can add paving, decking and slabbing to the exterior if needed.

External finished can be constructed using:

  • Decorative stone
  • K Rend
  • Roughcast


  • Metal sheeting
  • Timber cladding 


Campbell Construction Crieff Ltd. is always looking to add to their team of specialist tradespeople, whether it's for construction, joinery or painting and decorating. Regardless of your experience, if you have the same dedication, skill and strive for perfection that makes us leaders in the industry, we might have a place for you, get in touch.

We are also proud to help train the next generations of those in the trades with our apprenticeships. Learn from the best and improve your skills while on the job.
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