Garage Builders


Garages and garden buildings are a part of the many building services we offer. As with our other services, we complete every project, ensuring longevity and excellent quality. We’re here for whatever building needs you may have. 

Whether you’re looking for a new garage, an update on your existing structure or repair work, we’re the team for the job.


Garages can either be constructed as separate to the main house building or attached as an extension. As long as the new structure abides by specific guidelines and requirements in terms of placements, size and scope of the project, then they will not require any planning permissions. 

This is something we can advise on, and if necessary, assist with any planning approvals that may be required. From the initial contact, we offer our start to finish services from design to construction using our experienced in-house team.

We pride ourselves on the work we do within the construction industry. The quality of our work and our ability to offer excellent service are our primary goals. We strive to give quality and professional guidance through every step of a project. This aim applies to every area of our business, whether it’s building services or customer care.

Your new or upgraded garage, step by step

As your project managers, we keep you informed and up to date every step of the way. The steps towards your new garage are as follows:

Contact us. We will discuss your needs and requirements and tell you what our services can offer.

Site visit. After getting in touch, the next step would be for a member of our team to conduct a site visit. This is when we would analyse the property and how a garage would be constructed or attached to the existing structure of the house.

Instruct an architect. The next step would be to instruct an architect to draw up plans for the new garage; this is, of course, if an architect hasn’t already been appointed to the project.

Review of drawings and information. After that, the plans and information would be discussed and reviewed, hopefully leading to approval from all parties. If changes are needed, the proposals would then be amended.

Budget costings. Costings for the project would be drawn up and discussed as well as any budgets by the client.

Receive finalised plans. The final plans would be reviewed with any amendments already having been made.

Complete quotation. The final step would be a complete quotation for the client, and if approved, we can move on and…

Start construction. We aim to guarantee your satisfaction with a fully constructed, high-quality garage. 

Some customers, however, may come to us with their own plans and architects in place. This would mean we can go straight to discussing costings and quotations for their project.

Our team

You will always receive from us, the most cost-effective and efficient services. To ensure a smooth project and perfect build, we have all trades within the business, allowing us to run any project as smoothly as possible.