Hydro Genie

Hydro Genie

We are excited and proud to announce that we are the only approved installer of the Hydro Genie from the Highlands down to Stirling.  We are working closely with Biskit Controls Ltd and gaining knowledge and training in this new invention which assists homes and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Hydro Genie is an addition to a central heating system which is designed to make your heating system work more efficiently.

  • Your boiler will use less fuel and therefore reduce your heating bill any thing up to 49%
  • Your radiators will prodice up to 20% more heat
  • Your rooms and hot water will heat up more quickly (this has been tested and recorded by the Scottish Environmental Technologies Network (SETN))
  • Your system C02 emissions will dramatically reduce (this has been tested and recorded by the Scottish Environmental Technologies Network (SETN))

The Hydro Genie has been scientifically tested and works by removing air bubbles and dirt and removing them from the heatings system. Please look into the link www.hydro-genie.co.uk. There are various payment options available to install these systems and the system will pay for itself in the savings you make .  

We would be happy to discus this further with any customer who is interested.

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