Turnkey Service

Turning your vision into reality

Campbell Construction Crieff Ltd is dedicated to one thing above all else, providing unbeatable customer service across the range of our tailored services. As a part of our commitment, we are proud to offer a turnkey service to help guide you through a project, start to finish, with optimal efficiency and minimal stress.

What is a turnkey solution?

In short, a full turnkey solution allows you to save money and get a project up and running much quicker. Get in touch to discuss.

A traditional build project may include many different contractors brought together to complete a job; architects, contractors, cleaners, and anyone else needed. All these different workers, companies and details will be sought out, vetted and managed by either yourself or a project manager. 

This process is not a simple one. It takes time, effort and resources to staff a build fully, and ensuring a consistently high level of quality for all parties can sometimes be challenging. A turnkey solution offers all aspects of a project to be handled by a trusted point of contact, us.

What we offer

Arranging work to be completed by our in-house teams or our trusted industry partners allows us to firm up costs much quicker, begin work much sooner and provide the highest standard of work possible. Just some of the aspects of premium construction which we cover with our turnkey services are:

Construction and groundworks

We'll arrange everything, start to finish. Specialising in new builds, refurbishments and groundworks, we'll ensure everything is completed to our high standards, from the ground up.

Conversions and renovations

Within our team, we have experienced and highly skilled tradespeople for every aspect of a build, including plasterers, electricians, plumbers and decorators. This allows us to keep as much as possible in-house, cutting down on costs and ensuring premium quality.

The benefits of a turnkey project

  • A single point of contact
  • A guaranteed level of service
  • Consistent and reliable workmanship 
  • Quicker turnaround
  • More accurate cost estimates
  • Maximise your budget

Full turnkey

A start to finish service to complete your whole project. 

Let us take care of everything, offering you the best teams, the best prices and only the best work. We'll construct your property's exterior, interior and perform a full builder's clean service afterwards. Everything you might need provided by one of Scotland's leading contractors.

With a full turnkey service, you can trust us to maximise your investment, providing you with the best quality for your money. We'll keep you in the loop every step of the way, and you can have as little or as much involvement in the process as you'd like too. You can offer input of the project's aspects or sit back and watch us construct your dream home.

Partial turnkey

A service to complete the structure and exterior of your house

With a partial turnkey service, our team of industry experts can help construct your property's structure, preparing the site, installing services, foundations and slab work and external claddings.

After this work is complete and you're 100% satisfied, we will then hand over the project back to you, and you're free to arrange the rest of the work to complete the interiors. We'll kick off a project and get all the challenging parts of a build completed quickly and to the highest possible standard, starting everything off on the best foot and allowing you to finish the project at your leisure.

Campbell Construction Crieff Ltd. is always looking to add to their team of specialist tradespeople, whether it's for construction, joinery or painting and decorating. Regardless of your experience, if you have the same dedication, skill and strive for perfection that makes us leaders in the industry, we might have a place for you, get in touch.

We are also proud to help train the next generations of those in the trades with our apprenticeships. Learn from the best and improve your skills while on the job.
Give us a call to see what opportunities we have and take your first steps to becoming a trade expert.